SEO To Become A Dinner Party Topic

Thanks to​ a​ ground-breaking agreement between Dell and Google,​ SEO may soon be a​ mainstream topic of​ conversation. Dell,​ the​ world's leading maker of​ personal computers,​ has announced that it​ is​ testing a​ pre-installed package of​ Google software,​ including a​ Google-powered Dell home page,​ Google Desktop Search,​ and a​ Google Toolbar.

While the​ home page and Desktop Search will be an​ undeniable boost to​ Google's share of​ the​ Search market,​ and maybe even a​ threat to​ Microsoft's desktop dominance,​ it's the​ pre-installation of​ the​ Google Toolbar that will be of​ most interest to​ SE marketers and optimizers around the​ world.

Currently a​ specialist 'industry tool' used predominantly by SE practitioners,​ the​ Google Toolbar may soon be automatically available to​ hundreds of​ thousands of​ mainstream computer users. as​ a​ result,​ Google PageRank and,​ by extension,​ search engine marketing and optimization look set to​ become part of​ mainstream vocabulary. (Well,​ maybe that's a​ little optimistic... Perhaps they're more likely to​ become part of​ the​ vocab of​ the​ computer savvy mainstream.)

So what does this all mean to​ SEO and SEM? in​ my humble opinion,​ the​ four most important implications of​ the​ Dell-Google agreement are:

1) Business decision makers will finally 'get' SEO

Although not overly helpful to​ SEMs and SEOs,​ Google PageRank is​ an​ ideal hook for busy decision makers. It's very simple (in that it's just a​ mark out of​ ten) and measurable,​ and it's just THERE; you​ don't have to​ go out of​ your way to​ see the​ PageRank of​ a​ site. It's exactly what decision makers need to​ get their collective heads around SEO. They don't have the​ time or​ inclination to​ understand the​ complexities of​ SERPs,​ IBLs,​ spiders,​ indexing,​ keyword phrases,​ metatags,​ article PR,​ SEO copywriting,​ etc. For better or​ worse,​ PageRank eliminates all shades of​ gray,​ leaving the​ two colors many decision makers understand best: black and white.

2) Business will become aware of​ the​ importance of​ PageRank

While most business decision makers are aware that a​ good search engine ranking is​ good for business,​ they're not yet aware that a​ bad PageRank is​ bad for business. But with the​ Google Toolbar at​ their disposal,​ they soon will be. Decision makers will immediately start to​ use PageRank as​ a​ one-shot assessment of​ the​ credibility and authority of​ every website they visit. And in​ the​ process,​ they'll become painfully aware of​ what their own PageRank says about their company.

3) Business will be more Search-proactive

Once decision makers realize that a​ bad PageRank is​ bad for business,​ they'll be more likely to​ be proactive about their search engine ranking.

4) More businesses will dedicate a​ budget to​ Search

PageRank will become just a​ part of​ 'doing business'. Just like TV,​ radio,​ and newspapers,​ it​ will be proactively communicating with decision makers,​ each and every day. While the​ mechanics of​ a​ high search ranking will remain a​ mystery to​ most,​ the​ Search DOMAIN will no longer be considered a​ black art,​ and SEMs and SEOs will no longer be considered witch-doctors. This will make decision makers far more comfortable dedicating a​ budget to​ Search (especially as​ they now have something measurable to​ grab a​ hold of​ - see point 1 above).


It appears that Google has once again made a​ very astute business decision. For better or​ worse,​ they've improved their position in​ Search and made significant inroads into the​ desktop software market. Will they threaten Microsoft's desktop dominance? We'll have to​ wait 'n see. Will they enrich the​ SEM / SEO industry? in​ my humble opinion,​ yes! Google may not be everyone's favorite search engine,​ but if​ they bring PageRank into the​ mainstream,​ the​ Search industry will finally attract the​ percentage of​ corporate advertising spend it​ deserves.

(See,​7204,​18080942%5E15306%5E%5Enbv%5E,​00.html for further details of​ the​ Dell-Google agreement.)

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