SEO Tips For Writing Persuasive Keyword Copy

SEO Tips For Writing Persuasive Keyword Copy

The key to​ writing persuasive keyword copy is​ to​ find that happy medium between pleasing the​ search engines and pleasing your readers. There are some basic rules of​ thumb that you​ can stick to​ as​ you​ attempt to​ accomplish this goal. in​ fact writing search engine and people friendly copy is​ as​ easy as​ chatting to​ a​ good friend.

First of​ all don’t cram your copy with keywords. Only use about three different keywords or​ keyword phrases per page. Keyword phrases are more effective than single words as​ people tend to​ type phrases,​ not single words into search engine boxes.

Don't write less than 250 words in​ any one section of​ your website. it​ is​ possible for a​ search engine optimized article to​ be too short. Although when it​ comes to​ copy for search engine optimization it​ is​ important to​ be as​ concise and to​ the​ point as​ possible.

Try to​ write in​ grade six level conversational language. Don’t try to​ impress search engines or​ readers with your lofty knowledge of​ rare vocabulary. if​ you​ are writing these yourself,​ then try writing the​ way you​ talk and then incorporating the​ keywords into the​ copy after you​ have chatted to​ your readers on​ paper.

You know you​ are writing good SEO copy if​ no sentence looks like it​ was constructed to​ especially accommodate the​ keyword. you​ can tell these types of​ sentences because nobody can understand them. Even if​ the​ search engine spiders find them friendly,​ difficult to​ read content is​ only going to​ have your visitor moving on​ to​ another site (possibly your competitor’s) after they decide that your writing doesn’t make any sense at​ all. Writing in​ a​ natural but informed tone that is​ not too structured or​ crammed with keywords is​ the​ best approach to​ creating excellent SEO copy.

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