SEO Tips For Making SEO Copy More Personal

SEO Tips For Making SEO Copy More Personal

The problem with SEO copy (search engine optimized) is​ that often reads very robotic,​ repetitive and cold. However so many marketing experts say that you​ need to​ make an​ emotional connection with your reader in​ order to​ make sales. This means that you​ need to​ find the​ fine balance between making your copy sound personal and pleasing the​ search engine spiders and robots.

First of​ all never pose yourself an​ expert or​ a​ guru if​ you​ are not one. People can usually tell that you​ aren’t within the​ first paragraph or​ so of​ an​ article,​ especially if​ it​ is​ peppered with keywords and not much quality content. This type of​ content is​ easily identifiable as​ it​ is​ based on​ old-fashioned direct sales marketing techniques. Once people see those long sales letters on​ sites,​ they know it’s snake oil salesman time. it​ is​ better to​ connect with them on​ a​ one to​ one basis rather than in​ an​ imitation of​ some hotshot copywriter from the​ 1970s.

Never use the​ royal "we". Stay away from phrases like "We here at​ Search Engine City promises to​ deliver you​ the​ best copy” instead make it​ more personal by using the​ "you or​ your" form as​ in: "You are certain to​ find a​ keyword analyzer that is​ perfect for that special someone at​ here at​ Search Engine City.”

Another tip is​ to​ try and identify with your audience in​ some way. For instance if​ your audience is​ a​ bunch of​ affiliate marketers,​ refer to​ the​ practice of​ creating blogs with affiliate links as​ bum marketing which is​ the​ nickname for it. Try to​ write in​ the​ niche language that they are used to. of​ course if​ you​ truly are an​ expert in​ your niche then writing this type of​ SEO enriched,​ yet user-friendly copy will not be difficult for you​ at​ all!

SEO Tips For Making SEO Copy More Personal

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