SEO Tips And Strategies

SEO Tips And Strategies

SEO Tips & Strategies

Getting started:

Choosing a​ Domain Name

When choosing a​ domain name keep in​ mind to​ include your main keyword in​ the​ name.

If your main keyword was "Replica Watches" then you​ would want a​ domain name like

Using the​ Right Keywords

Using longer keyword phrases are generally alot easier to​ rank with and usually convert better.

How many should i use?

When performing SEO,​ try to​ optimize each page for a​ maximum of​ 5 keywords.

Meta Tags

Title Tag

Many search engines over look most meta-tags,​ but alot still recognize the​ title tag. Try to​ include your most important keywords at​ the​ begining of​ the​ title,​ this will increase its prominence. When optimizing the​ title tag,​ get straight to​ the​ point. Dont include stop words like "to,​ a,​ an,​ as,​ in,​ etc... Search Engine Spiders overlook these words and including them really just decreases your keywords weight in​ the​ tag.

Description Tag

The description-tag is​ still in​ use by some search engines. Try to​ explain the​ pages content in​ one sentence. This tag still shows up in​ some engines,​ so try to​ make the​ tag read good and catch someones eyes.

Keywords Tag

Many engines overlook this tag,​ try to​ place your 3-4 main keywords here.

On-Page Search Engine Optimization Strategies

H1,​ H2,​ H3 Tags

Try to​ break your pages up into paragraphs,​ using one keyword rich H1 tag on​ the​ page preferably at​ the​ most imortant area of​ the​ page. Minor paragraphs should be broken up by desriptive keyword rich H2 tags. Try to​ include some H3 tags when possible.

Internal Links

Try to​ interlink your pages using keyword rich anchor text. to​ make it​ easy and with out much sacrafice to​ the​ look of​ your page you​ can use bread crumb navigation,​ like Home>SEO Services

IMG Alt Tags

Try to​ include desriptive IMG Alt Tags whenever possible. Please remember when someone hovers over the​ image this text will be displayed,​ so make it​ readable.

Body Area
Its a​ very good idea when SEO Optimizing a​ page to​ include your main keywords at​ the​ begining and the​ end of​ the​ body text. Try to​ include your keywords in​ this area a​ decent amount,​ but with out sounding robotic. Its a​ good SEO Stragtegy to​ break up the​ body text with Header tags like explained above. the​ body area should contain 300- 1300 words Try to​ include variations of​ your main keyword or​ keyword phrases also. Writing in​ a​ natural sounding way is​ very important.

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