SEO Tips About SEO Keyword Density

SEO Tips About SEO Keyword Density

One of​ the​ main keys to​ search engine optimization is​ keyword density. This refers to​ the​ number of​ searchable keywords and keyword phrases that you​ are on​ your web pages. Keywords are vital to​ achieving a​ high page ranking. if​ there aren't any keywords on​ your pages to​ find for the​ search engines to​ index,​ there is​ literally nothing to​ find in​ the​ search engine results pages (also known as​ SERPs).

One of​ the​ most common mistakes that new entrepreneurs make when they are first starting a​ small start up ecommerce site is​ to​ only submit keywords to​ the​ search engines. They either forget or​ just don't realize that those keywords also have to​ be placed somewhere in​ the​ text of​ the​ site or​ the​ search engines just won't have anything to​ "hook" onto when someone uses one of​ your keywords to​ do a​ search. So do make sure that whatever you​ do the​ same keywords you​ are using out of​ context to​ promote your site are also used in-content inside your site.

You also need determine how many keywords or​ keyword phrases should appear on​ your web site. the​ number of​ keywords appear on​ the​ page,​ makes a​ difference to​ all of​ the​ search engine algorithms. They simply pick on​ the​ keywords that are most dense in​ your pages. of​ course if​ you​ choose very general or​ highly competitive keywords and keyword phrases you​ just might end up with a​ lot of​ untargeted traffic. the​ keywords and keyword phrases that have the​ most density on​ your site should be the​ ones that improve your search engine optimization in​ terms of​ bringing you​ customers who intend to​ buy. Don’t make them too general or​ you​ will merely be overwhelmed with a​ lot of​ traffic and no sales! That is​ an​ anathema to​ an​ online marketer!

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