SEO Three Design Elements That Sabotage Seo

SEO Three Design Elements That Sabotage Seo

When designing your website there are three major design elements that you​ should stay away from in​ order as​ they can sabotage even your best efforts at​ search engine optimization. These three elements to​ avoid are flash animation,​ javascript and HTML coding mistakes.

First of​ all,​ search engines perceive sites with flash as​ being "empty spaces." Rather than checking out the​ content,​ most search engines just discard the​ URL. God knows how many people's sites have been rejected because a​ spider inside a​ search engine denoted their flash as​ blank space!

If you​ are using Javascript or​ CSS in​ your pages,​ you​ probably stuck it​ at​ the​ top of​ your pages. Remember that search engines tend to​ rate what they find at​ the​ top of​ pages a​ bit higher so avoid anything that a​ search engine considers to​ be fluff -- and that would be pages and pages of​ Java enabled script. a​ better way to​ do things is​ put the​ Javascript (or CSS) in​ a​ separate file,​ and include it​ into your pages with a​ single tag. to​ avoid this kind of​ headache however,​ I advise that you​ avoid using java script at​ all. the​ worst thing that can happen is​ that a​ search engine spider will read the​ javascript as​ a​ malfunctioning page. it​ happens all the​ time!

It is​ also crucial to​ make sure your HTML is​ correct. Just because your page is​ displaying nicely does NOT mean that the​ code itself doesn't contain errors. Search engines read HTML not what shows up on​ you​ pretty pages. the​ more perfect your HTML code is,​ the​ more likely a​ search engine is​ to​ rank it​ higher. This is​ why it​ might be a​ practical part of​ an​ SEO strategy to​ hire an​ expert to​ clean up your code if​ it​ is​ all messed up.

SEO Three Design Elements That Sabotage Seo

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