SEO Text Is King

There are so many file types,​ and the​ web is​ incredibly accommodating. For each program you​ use to​ develop new information for your website there is​ a​ software application that allows you​ to​ publish that file on​ the​ web.

Portable Document Files (pdf),​ Word Documents (.doc) and many others are being integrated into standard site designs. Flash is​ often used to​ enhance the​ site with some pizzazz,​ but in​ each case the​ truth is​ just because you​ CAN put those files into your site design doesn’t mean you​ SHOULD put those file types into your site design.

For the​ purposes of​ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) the​ greater you​ can rely on​ text the​ better your site will perform in​ site rankings.

You see,​ the​ trouble with these files is​ most search engine spiders do not recognize them because they are not ‘text’ files. There are search engines that have become adept at​ indexing these files,​ but the​ majority of​ search engines do not recognize this content at​ all.

If you​ find yourself concerned with SEO techniques and their impact on​ site rankings then it​ may be worth your while to​ visit with your site developer to​ determine if​ there are areas where a​ .doc or​ .pdf file can be moved to​ text status to​ allow all pertinent content on​ your website to​ be considered by search engine spiders.

All content on​ your site should be systematically upgraded to​ match keywords or​ phrases that will further assist in​ SEO strategies. Site owners will routinely contract with freelance writers to​ revise content for consistent keywords or​ phrases throughout the​ site. This is​ done because as​ the​ website becomes more uniform and cohesive the​ search engines will begin to​ take notice.

Web development has always been one of​ the​ world’s great experiments. as​ techniques become more refined and search engine expectations alter so too can your approach to​ site design and SEO implementation.

Routinely sites are either completely overhauled or​ significantly altered in​ fewer than three years. the​ site that you​ have now will be antiquated in​ many ways in​ the​ not too distant future. This truth simply adds to​ the​ body of​ evidence that indicates the​ web is​ growing and the​ SEO and site design techniques are changing.

Keeping up with current trends may be difficult to​ manage,​ but the​ truth is​ it​ is​ in​ the​ best interest of​ the​ future of​ your firm. Others are using rapidly evolving techniques that are yielding real results. Yes,​ there is​ a​ learning curve,​ but the​ alternative is​ less than desirable for the​ long-term health of​ your online company.

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