SEO Terms For Newbies Part 2 Of 2

SEO Terms For Newbies – Part 2 Of 2
SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and a​ newbie is​ someone who is​ new to​ something .​
So if​ you​ are a​ SEO Newbie then these basic terms are going to​ assist .​
A few years ago no one had heard of​ the​ term SEO .​
And now we have pages of​ terms that relate to​ it .​
the​ internet has quickly created new industries and thus spawned new words and phrases.
Use this list of​ terms as​ a​ quick introduction into the​ language of​ SEO .​
IP address
Every Internet user and every server has a​ numeric address – they look like this .​
Keyword in​ a​ word used in​ a​ search query .​
In SEO,​ web pages are typically optimized for specific keywords .​
Accurate keyword targeting is​ considered by most to​ be essential to​ effective SEO .​
keyword density
A measure of​ the​ percentage of​ key words on​ a​ page .​
When keyword density is​ inflated artificially,​ it​ is​ often referred to​ as​ keyword stuffing .​
latent semantic indexing (LSI)
Latent Semantic Indexing,​ uses statistical algorithms to​ retrieve relevant documents even when they do not share any of​ the​ words queried.
manual submission
The process of​ manually submitting a​ web page to​ a​ search engine or​ directory as​ opposed to​ using submission software or​ a​ submission service .​
Same as​ Hand Submission.
Natural Linking
Describes the​ hypertext links found on​ web sites that are part of​ text content and that link to​ expanded or​ add extra information to​ the​ subject.
If you​ don't want the​ Googlebot to​ follow a​ you​ can use the​ following tag in​ your href links - rel=nofollow
Pay Per Click .​
An internet advertising payment system where the​ advertiser only pays for an​ advertisement when it​ gets click on​ .​
So an​ ad may be on​ a​ page that gets 1,​000 visitors but if​ only 6 click,​ then the​ advertiser only pays for 6.
Refers to​ where a​ web page is​ listed in​ the​ search results for a​ particular query .​
For example,​ if​ one of​ your web pages is​ listed a​ position 7 for cat then your page is​ said to​ have a​ ranking of​ 7 for that term .​
reciprocal link
Is basically a​ link swap .​
I​ will put a​ link to​ your page on​ mine if​ you​ will give a​ link back from your page .​
Google's measure of​ the​ link popularity of​ a​ page .​
Search Engine Results Page(s) .​
When you​ search for a​ term in​ a​ search engine it​ brings back a​ page full of​ responses this is​ the​ SERP .​
Search Engine Optimization .​
This is​ a​ collective term used to​ describe activities that aim to​ improve a​ web page’s search engine ranking .​
A map to​ your site .​
a​ sitemap contains links to​ every page of​ your site which may assist spiders to​ index all your pages .​
An internal search engine program that travels the​ internet following links from one page to​ the​ next and from one site to​ the​ next .​
As it​ ‘crawls it​ collects information from the​ sites it​ visits and then that information is​ stored in​ the​ search engine's database for using in​ search engine query results .​
The process of​ what the​ spiders do.
Server Side Include (SSI)
Is a​ form of​ HTML command that is​ kept off the​ page and on​ the​ server .​
It allows the​ webmaster to​ insert the​ same thing on​ many pages and allows them to​ make changes to​ that thing in​ just one place .​
For example a​ navigation bar may occur on​ every page,​ but if​ it​ is​ set up as​ a​ SSI,​ if​ a​ change is​ needed then the​ webmaster only need change it​ once and it​ will automatically be changed on​ every page.
unique visitor
Used to​ describe one individual person visiting a​ site .​
That one individual may visit the​ site multiple times,​ therefore log files normally show more visits than unique visitors .​
URL is​ short for Uniform Resource Locator or​ Universal Resource Locator .​
It is​ the​ unique Internet address that every website must have in​ order to​ be located .​
With you​ in​ Technology
Adam White

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