SEO Submitting Pages With Links Is Good Seo

SEO Submitting Pages With Links Is Good Seo

Many search engines are now ranking web pages that contain a​ lot of​ links to​ other sites higher than those that contain fewer links. This is​ why it​ is​ such a​ good idea to​ submit your pages to​ the​ search engines with as​ many links to​ other sites contained in​ them as​ possible. However,​ don’t make the​ mistake of​ thinking that you​ can just submit any old pages mistakes. you​ must make sure these links are related to​ the​ content of​ your pages or​ you​ could even end up blacklisted by the​ search engines.

Whenever you​ find a​ web site that has content similar to​ yours,​ email the​ webmaster and ask for a​ link,​ pointing out why it​ would be appropriate. if​ he has content on​ his site useful to​ your visitors,​ link to​ him without even offering to​ trade links. Link to​ him,​ then email him and ask for a​ link back. Make sure that you​ include a​ big description in​ your letter of​ why a​ reciprocal link will be of​ great benefit to​ his or​ her traffic. if​ you​ can’t offer traffic (the most common conundrum of​ newbies to​ SEO) then offer great credibility and expert material. if​ the​ big site says yes then the​ search engine will add the​ credibility of​ that link to​ your own and boost your ranking in​ the​ search engine pages.

The search engine that values link popularity the​ most is​ Google,​ For many people,​ the​ true value of​ the​ $299 a​ year cost of​ a​ Yahoo listing isn't the​ benefit of​ receiving click through from Yahoo,​ but the​ boost a​ Yahoo listing provides for their rankings on​ Google.

Open Directory doesn't cost anything,​ but getting a​ listing in​ this respected index can be time consuming,​ as​ everything is​ hand edited by humans on​ the​ other end.

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