SEO Sloppy Headers Can Sabotage Your Seo

One thing that can confuse search engine spiders are sloppy headers on​ your website. it​ is​ just so easy to​ miss this one little thing especially if​ you​ are using a​ site builder on​ a​ host like,​ or​ What happens is​ that while you​ are building the​ website you​ may be asked to​ save the​ website as​ something when you​ go to​ work on​ a​ new content page. However you​ may forget the​ non-visible header area of​ a​ page when saving it​ causing search engines to​ ignore the​ page because they see it​ as​ non-functioning or​ duplicate content. Don’t think this problem is​ limited just to​ site builders. it​ is​ also very easy to​ forget about your headers for web pages while saving your site in​ do-it-yourself site software such as​ Dreamweaver.

The ultimate result of​ this type of​ sloppiness is​ a​ site that has a​ title that is​ the​ same on​ every page. the​ meta tags on​ every page are also identical. Only the​ visible content is​ different. to​ avoid this stick to​ a​ regime of​ developing your new content on​ the​ page and making a​ note to​ yourself to​ always develop the​ title for the​ new content page before moving onto the​ next one. This way you​ don’t forget to​ practice some SEO techniques on​ your header area as​ well.

Remember that failure to​ do this can be a​ disaster. Most search engines will penalize pages that they see as​ identical by not including them in​ their search engine indexes at​ all. Another consequence of​ having sloppy titles is​ some strange looking indexing of​ your URL when it​ does finally get listed that does not make use of​ any of​ the​ keywords that have been laid out so lovingly and painstakingly on​ your web site pages.

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