SEO Should You SEO Your Website

Search engine optimization is​ not for every site. For instance if​ you​ have a​ site about presenting excellent English grammar or​ if​ you​ are selling writing skills the​ awkwardness of​ putting together paragraphs with keywords can make it​ look like you​ don’t know how to​ write at​ all. This is​ because successful SEO often involves the​ repetitive use of​ words as​ well grammar mistakes such as​ a​ lack of​ capitalizations and misspellings in​ order to​ mimic the​ kind of​ phrases that a​ potential customer might put into a​ search engine box as​ a​ query. if​ your business requires something that is​ precise,​ SEO copywriting can make you​ look incompetent,​ especially if​ you​ are not very good at​ writing SEO in​ the​ first place.

Another misconception is​ that including search engine optimized pages in​ your web site are a​ guarantee of​ high ranking. if​ that were true,​ then every single site that has tried this would be number one on​ the​ web. the​ truth is​ that different search engines have different methods of​ categorizing what they choose to​ index or​ leave out of​ their ranked search engine pages. Some go by the​ number of​ hits,​ others by content and others by functionality of​ your site. This has lead to​ the​ practice of​ search engine optimizing several identical articles in​ different ways in​ order to​ appeal to​ all of​ the​ different search engines at​ once.

Also it​ is​ a​ myth to​ believe that SEO articles alone can improve your rankings in​ the​ search engines. Search engine optimized articles can assist with improving your rankings but if​ your site has broken links or​ is​ always down because you​ are with an​ unreliable host then all of​ your hard SEO work will be sabotage. Your ranking also has a​ great deal to​ do with whether or​ not you​ paid for the​ service or​ not as​ well. Sometimes a​ badly written SEO paragraph can actually offend a​ search engine sending your site to​ the​ very last listings in​ the​ search engine page rankings.

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