SEO Should You Go For A Long Or Short Domain Name

SEO Should You Go For A Long Or Short Domain Name

It is​ widely believed that most search engines now look at​ the​ domain name when they go to​ index a​ page. However nobody really knows if​ this is​ really true as​ the​ search engine algorithms are actually secrets,​ like FICO scores. Google and Yahoo also constantly morph their algorithms to​ avoid favoring URLS that are using black hat SEO techniques from soaring in​ the​ page rankings unfairly. However to​ be on​ the​ safe side you​ might want to​ consider that this is​ a​ rumor that is​ probably true.

Domain names can be of​ any length up to​ 67 characters. you​ don't have to​ settle for an​ obscure acronym for a​ domain name like when what you​ mean is​

Having said that,​ there appears to​ be some disagreement about whether a​ long or​ short domain name is​ better. Some argue that shorter domain names are easier for people to​ remember and easier for people to​ type in​ the​ search engine box. For instance is​ a​ lot easier to​ remember than argue that a​ longer domain name is​ usually easier on​ the​ human memory – especially if​ it​ is​ a​ catchier phrase. the​ catchier it​ is​ the​ more clients are more likely to​ remember the​ domain name and type it​ into the​ search engine box.

One reason to​ stay away from acronyms is​ that they can mean more than one thing. the​ acronym ACA is​ a​ good example – it​ stands for several things including the​ American Counseling Association,​ the​ Association of​ Canadian Archivists and the​ Association of​ Canadian Advertisers just to​ name a​ few.

It is​ probably a​ good idea to​ go for a​ shorter name as​ long as​ it​ is​ to​ the​ point and meaningful. if​ it​ is​ longer than two words then make sure it​ is​ memorable.

SEO Should You Go For A Long Or Short Domain Name

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