SEO Setting Daily Weekly And Monthly Goals For Yourself

SEO Setting Daily Weekly And Monthly Goals For Yourself

Writing SEO requires a​ bit of​ skill and also being competitive with yourself. it​ also requires discipline – knowing when to​ stop optimizing one site (or a​ section of​ a​ site) and move on​ to​ something new.

There is​ no greater way to​ achieve clarity about this then to​ figure out much money you​ need to​ make a​ month and then break it​ down into the​ daily and weekly sums you​ need to​ make. For instance if​ your overhead is​ $3,​000 month including all expenses and you​ want to​ make a​ 50% profit with your business then you​ would have to​ make $4,​500 a​ month or​ $150 a​ day.

Your next step is​ to​ sit down and look at​ all the​ different ways you​ have of​ making money as​ an​ SEO and go for it. Make sure to​ estimate in​ projected sales,​ membership conversions and how and when you​ expect this income to​ come flowing in.

In a​ nutshell,​ setting goals for yourself works,​ even if​ you​ are not a​ really accurate bookkeeper or​ project manager. Nobody sure why this works but it​ helps to​ set yourself a​ slightly higher goal every month and try to​ compete with yourself to​ elevate your income. Many gurus talk about how using this type of​ system effectively doubles one’s income in​ just a​ couple of​ a​ month.

For instance if​ I set myself a​ goal of​ $5,​000 a​ month one month I almost always make near to​ that amount or​ at​ least a​ substantial amount more then what I was making even I don’t make that mark. There is​ truth to​ the​ saying that if​ you​ aim low you​ get low results. of​ course this is​ also a​ form of​ positive thinking that applies to​ all businesses and not just SEO. the​ key is​ to​ shoot as​ high as​ possible in​ terms of​ your business goals and take it​ from there.

SEO Setting Daily Weekly And Monthly Goals For Yourself

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