SEO Search Engine Optimization Basics Part II

In the​ second and final part of​ this article I will cover the​ remaining 5 areas that relate to​ solid Search Engine Ranks for particular number of​ key phrases. Again,​ this will apply to​ any type of​ website,​ on​ any industry you​ are targeting.
Lets review the​ last 5 areas:

Provide a​ road map of​ your web site,​ and search engines will follow it.
Called the​ "sitemap",​ this very simple page contains links to​ every page on​ a​ web site and serves one very important purpose. That is​ to​ get your sub pages crawled,​ and into a​ search engine's index.

Search Engines look for the​ robots.txt file,​ so make sure you​ have it.
As its name implies,​ this is​ a​ text file that tells robots what to​ and what not to​ index. Its content consists of​ so-called records. Only mention files and directories that you​ don't want to​ be indexed. All other files will be indexed normally if​ they are linked on​ your site. Having a​ proper robots.txt file gives your pages the​ rankings they deserve. if​ search engines know what to​ do with them,​ then they can give them good ranking.

Submit your site to​ related categories in​ niche directories.
Internet directories have become very important because they represent an​ easy path for inbound links creation. Now,​ when you​ submit your site to​ related categories in​ your industry you​ get that extra link factor,​ quality. Links from these categories can have a​ very positive effect on​ the​ search engine rankings of​ your web site.

Writing articles about your site,​ a​ great way to​ get new content.
This will help you​ get good positioning on​ search engines and quality incoming links as​ well. Always keep your articles as​ informative as​ possible. Other web sites will link back to​ your articles if​ you​ do. Write about the​ topics that your visitors are interested in,​ and don’t forget to​ send them to​ syndicate sites. They will in​ turn offer them to​ others. Just make sure that you​ always have a​ link back to​ your web site so that all sites who publish your article will automatically link to​ you.

Become an​ authority in​ your field. Visit relevant forums and blogs.
Only join forum and blogs that are relevant to​ your industry. Use your expertise as​ a​ site owner in​ your industry to​ give information and advice. of​ course,​ put your URL into the​ signature of​ your posts. Being the​ authority is​ simply knowing your industry,​ and giving people the​ information they need to​ trust you​ and your site.

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