SEO Search Engine Optimization Basics Part I

The first thing you​ should know about SEO is​ that Consistency is​ the​ “key word”.
Because of​ that,​ in​ this first article I will cover the​ immediate things that relate to
solid Search Engine Ranks for particular number of​ key phrases. This will apply to​ any type of​ website,​ on​ any industry you​ are targeting. Lets review first 5 areas:

Search Engines Rank web pages,​ not web sites.
You should have unique Titles,​ Descriptions and Keywords in​ your pages. Therefore,​
there should be only one page per keyword phrase you​ are targeting,​ highly focused
on that phrase. you​ can also target as​ many related combinations of​ your phrase as​ searches are using to​ find it,​ as​ long as​ you​ have individual pages focused for them.

Your web site has to​ be relevant to​ searchers,​ not just the​ search engine.
One very important area of​ SEO is​ to​ be well-balanced. There many variables that
matter when it​ comes to​ optimizing a​ site,​ there is​ not a​ specific area were all the
effort should be on. Instead focus on​ achieving a​ Top 10 Position,​ and here is​ why:
It is​ OK to​ be number 5 or​ number 3 in​ any given rank… if​ you​ are in​ the​ 1st spot and you​ are clicked simply because that spot gets more clicks,​ are you​ really going to​ get more of​ whatever your site’s goal is​ just because you​ are the​ number 1?

Less is​ more,​ when it​ comes to​ targeted keywords.
If you​ have like most,​ an​ average site,​ focus on​ 5-10 keywords. Build your entire site around these keywords. Remember to​ be relevant to​ searches using these keywords. you​ should rather have one keyword for which your site is​ on​ the​ Top 10 (first page),​ than ten that are on​ secondary pages. Put those keywords in​ your Title,​ Description,​ and Keyword areas,​ and remember the​ uniqueness factor.

Build real content for people,​ not for machines.
It is​ said that “content is​ king”,​ and for a​ good reason. When two sites highly optimized in​ a​ particular industry for a​ particular key phrase compete,​ this is
one of​ the​ most important areas Search Engines evaluate for relevancy,​ and
therefore positioning. Keep your content updated either by adding new,​ or​ by
editing existing one. the​ relation between content and its freshness is​ a​ must.

Tell me who links to​ you,​ who you​ link to,​ and I will tell you​ who you​ are.
Yes,​ linking is​ that important in​ SEO. you​ must have incoming links,​ but what really matters,​ is​ that you​ must have quality incoming links,​ and you​ must build them all naturally. Search Engines reward sites when their links are build steadily over time.
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