SEO Real Time Payment Is Crucial To Seo

SEO Real Time Payment Is Crucial To Seo

Making sure that your web site can take credit card payments in​ a​ seamless manner is​ crucial to​ your website’s success. This is​ because the​ ability for a​ web site to​ take credit cards is​ part of​ some search engine algorithms when your site is​ being catalogued by them for indexing on​ the​ search engine pages. So basically,​ a​ site that does not take credit cards may be indexed lower than one that does not. This of​ course is​ a​ rumor because the​ algorithms used by the​ major search engines do change from time to​ time but most SEO experts believe that the​ inability to​ take payments can sink a​ website in​ the​ page rankings.

The most popular method of​ payment are credit cards. the​ details to​ are transmitted over the​ Internet. There are several variations to​ this method of​ payment – credit card payments processed in​ real-time by an​ authorized bank (or banking network) or​ manual processing. Real-time credit card processing will incur additional costs but will enhance security and speed up the​ administration process. Manual processing is​ really old fashioned and likely to​ turn your customer right off. Everything is​ automated right now.

In general,​ it​ is​ be less critical to​ have real-time credit card processing if​ your lead-time before delivery is​ long (say,​ more than one week.) However,​ it​ will become increasing important to​ have real-time credit card processing if​ your lead-time before delivery is​ short (or you​ have a​ large volume of​ transactions to​ process. it​ is​ also essential you​ have this if​ your competition has it​ as​ his or​ her ability to​ process credit cards in​ real time may put that site ahead of​ yours in​ the​ page rankings.

Why all the​ fuss about payment? the​ point is​ that consumers will not spend money on​ something they think may never turn up and will visit your site less often. Also,​ giving your customers as​ many payment options as​ possible makes good business sense.

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