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I heard a​ radio advertisement the​ other day for a​ website that featured unique hand crafted items that interested me. I wanted for the​ website address,​ but when the​ website address took ten minutes and several backslashes,​ dashes and dots I gave up and figured why bother.

If you​ are looking to​ boost your efforts in​ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies you​ may take a​ look first at​ your website address.

The advertisement I heard was most likely due to​ either a​ free or​ coopable web host that provides a​ place for the​ store to​ exist,​ but includes their website information followed by the​ sub domain for the​ business.

It could be that your website needs a​ makeover or​ you​ may even want to​ abandon your current design and start over using SEO strategies.

Spend some time at​ your favorite domain registry and look at​ website names that match your business. if​ you​ can’t find a​ domain that’s an​ exact match for your business then you​ can always focus on​ some of​ the​ primary product or​ services you​ carry.

There was a​ time when purchasing a​ domain was expensive,​ but the​ price in​ many cases is​ now less than ten dollars per year. There is​ no reason to​ have a​ long website address.

Even if​ you​ have a​ free website that will allow you​ to​ place your site on​ the​ web without a​ domain name you​ should purchase a​ domain that matches your business and use ‘redirect’ to​ allow customers,​ and search engines,​ to​ find you​ under the​ new and simplified address.

This step makes sense for start-ups as​ well as​ those seeking to​ redesign existing sites.

Because your site can be promoted in​ off line applications such as​ business cards as​ well as​ print,​ audio and video advertising it​ is​ important to​ keep things as​ simple as​ possible. Search engines seem to​ favor short,​ meaningful web addresses when they make an​ assessment on​ site rankings.

If you​ were a​ brick and mortar store you​ wouldn’t name your company - would you? So,​ why make it​ hard for your customers and search engines to​ find you​ online?

Many SEO experts will recommend a​ site that is​ developed this way be redeveloped and the​ old site abandoned. the​ new site should be developed with proven SEO strategies. the​ old site can do very little to​ help you​ with SEO. When customers see or​ hear the​ length of​ your web address they will likely translate the​ sub domain listing as​ a​ ‘cheap’ company and avoid a​ visit.

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