SEO Rabbit And Tortoise Web Design

Once upon a​ time there were two web designers. One was Tom Tortoise and the​ other was Harry Rabbit.

Harry was one of​ the​ fastest web designers the​ forest had ever seen. He could churn out a​ site in​ no time while Tom consistently worked late into the​ night trying to​ get his work done.

One day Harry met Tom at​ the​ local Spareducks for coffee.

“I bet I can finish the​ ‘Stork Appreciation’ site before you​ can finish the​ ‘Stop and Smell the​ Roses” site,​” Harry said with a​ slightly evil chuckle.

“Well,​ I don’t know,​” Tom said slowly.

“Ah,​ that’s what I thought. You’re a​ chicken,​” Harry replied.

“OK the​ first one to​ reach the​ top ten with their respective keywords will be the​ winner,​” Tom said.

Harry readily agreed and slurped down his Espresso con Panna. Like a​ shot Harry was off to​ work on​ his newest website creation. Tom took his time and finished his Espresso Lungo with just a​ hint of​ caramel.

The next morning Tom arrived at​ work to​ continue designing his website when Harry called and said,​ “Silly tortoise,​ you​ should never try to​ outdo a​ rabbit. I worked late last night and the​ website is​ done. I sent you​ a​ link. Check your email.”

Tom listened to​ the​ rabbit cackle as​ he hung up the​ phone.

Tom took his time making sure every page,​ Meta title,​ photograph and article was SEO friendly. He made sure he submitted information to​ the​ main Internet directories and he quietly watched as​ his finished website rose in​ the​ search engine rankings.

Then came the​ morning when the​ site was ranked in​ the​ top ten. That’s when he called Harry,​ “Did you​ notice I won the​ contest?”

“What contest?” the​ rabbit bellowed.

Tom explained and the​ rabbit was fit to​ be tied.

“It’s like my dad always said,​ Harry,​ ‘Slow and steady,​ wins the​ race,​’” Tom replied.

The moral of​ this fractured fairly tale is​ that simply building a​ website is​ not enough to​ ensure that people will visit or​ that search engines will take notice.

Like the​ children’s story,​ the​ individual that is​ methodical and consistent in​ web development and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) will likely do much better in​ the​ long run than a​ hastily prepared site that lacks a​ cohesive purpose in​ online marketing.

Do everything you​ can to​ optimize your website with specific keywords or​ phrases and watch your site visitation statistics improve.

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