SEO Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance

There is​ a​ "Six P" acronym that says,​ "Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance." Very often,​ the​ first twenty percent of​ the​ time that you​ will spend developing your site will save you​ eighty percent of​ the​ time later in​ achieving the​ business goals you've set later. This is​ exactly why so many SEO experts and SEO gurus say that having a​ good business plan and web design is​ crucial to​ SEO strategy.

One mistakes that beginning netpreneurs often make is​ thinking of​ Internet business as​ not being “real business.” One of​ the​ biggest mistakes you​ can make as​ a​ beginner is​ to​ not sit down and figure out how much your business will cost you​ to​ set up,​ how much it​ will cost you​ per day to​ maintain,​ how money you​ can expect to​ make in​ a​ day and how you​ expect it​ to​ expand.

Your business plan basically serves two purposes:

1. it​ is​ a​ promotional tool that is​ used to​ interest others in​ financing or​ becoming involved in​ your business

2. it​ is​ a​ personal map full of​ touchstones and guideposts that reveals exactly how and when you​ will reach your business goals.

A business plan precisely defines your business,​ identifies your goals,​ and serves as​ your firm's resume. the​ basic three basic components of​ a​ well-structured business plan are:

1. a​ balance sheet that describes both current and projected profits

2. an​ income statement

3. a​ cash flow analysis

A well thought out business plan can be your best ally in​ the​ future assisting you​ with making good business decisions especially when it​ comes to​ deciding the​ how's,​ when's and where's of​ allocating your resources. it​ can also save you​ time and trouble when it​ comes to​ allocating money to​ an​ SEO strategy as​ the​ best thought out sites tend to​ be more focused and naturally niched and therefore need less SEO in​ general.

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