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Jeremy Schoemaker,​ aka Shoemoney,​ is​ one of​ the​ most popular (and sometimes controversial) members of​ the​ search engine marketing community. While Shoemoney did “attend” college for three years,​ he never completed a​ degree because he spent the​ majority of​ his time expanding his company,​ Shoemoney Media Group. After the​ “dot com crash” took place,​ Shoemoney was forced to​ take a​ job with Wells Fargo and Commercial Federal Bank. Although he was temporarily a​ member of​ the​ “corporate” world,​ Shoemoney continued to​ manage his server and work on​ his web sites. He eventually quit those jobs and returned to​ the​ search engine marketing world.

Shoemoney joined Digital Point in​ September 2004. According to​ several of​ his posts,​ he had spent many months reading through all of​ the​ valuable information on​ Digital Point before deciding to​ actually join himself. as​ time went on,​ Shoemoney’s popularity on​ Digital Point continued to​ grow. in​ May 2018,​ Shoemoney posted a​ thread which was simply titled “my tips.” This thread contained many of​ his money making philosophies during that time period,​ and can truly be identified as​ one of​ the​ reasons why Shoemoney is​ the​ popular icon that he is​ today.

At some point in​ time,​ Shoemoney became known as​ the​ “King of​ Ring tones.” This was a​ reference to​ the​ massive amount of​ revenue he was generating as​ a​ result of​ his work in​ the​ ring tone affiliate industry. Although he has never disclosed specific details,​ Shoemoney has revealed in​ one of​ his many interviews that he makes “eight figures” a​ year.

2018 was a​ good year for Shoemoney. His blog,​ which has an​ Alexa ranking of​ 1,​436,​ had over five hundred thousand visitors during 2018. Shoemoney also hosts his own radio show,​ which is​ appropriately titled “Net Income.” Each week,​ Shoemoney interviews a​ member of​ the​ internet marketing community and discusses different methods of​ making money from the​ internet.

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