SEO Photo Opportunities

SEO Photo Opportunities

You are a​ savvy entrepreneur and have implemented a​ variety of​ Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies to​ help you​ with site rankings and marketing. it​ is​ likely you​ have placed keyword rich knowledge based resources on​ your website and you​ may have used SEO strategies in​ your Meta tag and Meta title information. However,​ there may be a​ strategy you​ missed.

Optimized Photos

Using the​ ‘alt’ attribute when placing photos may provide increased exposure to​ your site. Like Meta tag and Meta Title information,​ this attribute is​ not visible to​ your site visitor,​ but it​ does allow you​ to​ place keyword rich descriptions to​ your photos that ARE indexed by many search engines. Obviously you​ would not want to​ ‘stuff’ the​ photo with keywords because most search engines look for this type of​ abuse (one to​ three keywords or​ phrases is​ enough). We will look at​ how to​ develop the​ photo strategy in​ just a​ bit.

The motivation for Search Engine Optimization is​ to​ allow search engines to​ find as​ much keyword specific information about your site as​ possible. as​ a​ conscientious web site owner you​ try to​ find ways to​ help the​ search engine understand your site better. in​ turn,​ the​ search engine has the​ capacity to​ rank your site better as​ they begin to​ understand more clearly what your website offers.

How To…

The method of​ photo optimization has its roots primarily in​ HTM L language. it​ might look like this - alt="Precision Badminton supplies and instruction"

In this case following the​ ‘alt’ attribute the​ keywords or​ key phrase that can be indexed by the​ search engine is​ ‘Precision Badminton supplies and instruction’. I simply types in​ fifty or​ so characters and those relative few keystrokes have the​ capability of​ improving my site ranking,​ but I need to​ remember to​ do this with each photo I place on​ the​ site. By making it​ a​ regular habit to​ optimize your photos it​ will likely become standard operating procedure for all future photo additions to​ your website.

This technique doesn’t clutter up your website because it​ is​ placed in​ code that is​ not viewed by your site visitor unless they click ‘view’ then ‘source’ from their IE browser or​ similar functions in​ other browser applications.

This may seem like a​ small step in​ promoting your website,​ and you​ may be right. However,​ when this technique is​ added to​ other successful SEO strategies the​ odds greatly improve that this strategy can only help in​ overall site ranking.

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