SEO Pagerank And Link Popularity Are Not The Same Thing

SEO Pagerank And Link Popularity Are Not The Same Thing

A definition of​ both P It's important to​ note that Google PageRank is​ not the​ same thing as​ link popularity.

Two concepts that are commonly confused when it​ comes to​ search engine optimization are page rank and link popularity. Page rank focuses only on​ the​ quantity and popularity of​ your links in​ the​ search engines. Link popularity however refers to​ the​ “quality” of​ your links. These are not interchangeable turns as​ Pagerank is​ actually a​ term that is​ part of​ the​ definition of​ Link Popularity.

All of​ the​ major search engines’ algorithms do assess link popularity in​ one way or​ another. the​ two main types of​ links that seem best to​ boost your link popularity are links form relevant categories in​ big Internet directories and links from similar sites to​ your own that are focused on​ the​ same keyword phrases that your site is. These sites are considered to​ be high quality sites.

If you​ want to​ avoid sabotaging yourself then stay away from links that the​ search engines might consider to​ be low quality such as​ Free For All Sites. you​ are particularly cautioned against using one of​ those “Link to​ 1000 Targeted Sites for Free” type programs as​ they will only serve to​ lower your link popularity in​ the​ eyes of​ the​ search engine. Although they might increase your page rank temporarily (maybe for just a​ few days) this type of​ link farming might actually completely sabotage your link popularity. It’s just not worth it. Never do anything to​ sacrifice your link popularity which is​ much more crucial to​ your website’s overall success.

Usually there is​ no need to​ sweat over you​ link popularity if​ you​ have not done anything that the​ search engines may not like such as​ hire a​ company that specializes in​ link farming to​ enhance your SEO. Offering a​ quality product or​ service at​ a​ reasonable cost is​ usually the​ best way to​ get other quality sites to​ link to​ you.

SEO Pagerank And Link Popularity Are Not The Same Thing

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