SEO Making The Most Of Misspelled Words

SEO Making The Most Of Misspelled Words

A discussion of​ making the​ most of​ misspelled words and how including them in​ your search engine optimized copy can help people find your web site.

Should you​ include misspelled keywords in​ your website copy? the​ answer is​ yes,​ but of​ course this does bring up some concerns. the​ dilemma of​ course has to​ do with whether or​ not those keywords will look unprofessional on​ your site on​ your not. of​ course there are some kinds of​ sites that need to​ stay completely away from this including ones that sell dictionaries or​ books on​ English grammar.

The fact is​ that most people misspell things when they enter words into a​ search engine. a​ good example is​ a​ word such as​ housewife. People might spell it​ as​ house wife or​ even house-wife. the​ thing about this type of​ work that can have three or​ four variances in​ the​ way it​ is​ spelled is​ that sometimes it​ is​ the​ misspelled version that has more visitors. in​ other words it​ may not pay to​ be the​ Queen of​ the​ Spelling Bee so you​ just might want to​ check your search term popularity on​ the​ overture keyword inventory tool or​ with another tool to​ see which version of​ the​ spelling of​ housewife is​ the​ most searched for.

Let’s use the​ example of​ the​ word housewife. to​ be on​ the​ safe side you​ should make sure that you​ optimize all three spellings of​ the​ word house wife and sprinkle them through your copy,​ metatags and captions as​ appropriate. the​ idea is​ not to​ put a​ big spelling mistake somewhere really obvious on​ your website such as​ in​ a​ title that is​ headed in​ a​ supersize font. in​ fact it​ might be a​ good idea to​ minimize the​ misspelt keywords in​ a​ smaller font or​ bury it​ somewhere in​ the​ site where the​ commonly applied typo is​ not so obvious to​ the​ critical human eye that you​ don’t want judging you​ for not being able to​ spell.

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