SEO Making Money Writing SEO Reviews

SEO Making Money Writing SEO Reviews

If you​ are a​ reviewer or​ critic you​ are likely to​ find work writing reviews of​ products and services on​ the​ Internet. This is​ quite a​ common offering however don’t expect to​ be reviewing anything ordinary. Usually the​ types of​ things that are offered up for review are insurance sites,​ credit products,​ Clickbank products and po​rn sites. Also you​ might find that this pays really low,​ unless you​ can add search engine content optimization to​ your skill set.

Most actual product descriptions that are done for the​ Internet are done in​ house. the​ same goes for catalogues. Yet the​ first thing that most writing gurus on​ the​ net will tell you​ is​ that there is​ tons of​ catalogue description work available on​ the​ net. in​ fact this is​ the​ type of​ work that you​ see the​ least of​ for freelancers on​ the​ auction sites – nowadays the​ SEO blog or​ article is​ replacing this type of​ Joe work.

Reviewing products on​ the​ Internet can pay even lower than other types of​ writing. Once again this only pays off if​ you​ can write quickly and do large amounts of​ reviews in​ bulk and if​ you​ know how to​ search engine optimize a​ product description. of​ course it​ can also depend on​ the​ length of​ review that you​ are assigned. a​ 250-word blog type review might go for as​ low as​ a​ dollar each. a​ 1,​000-word review goes for about 150 dollars or​ less. in​ fact the​ average price is​ about ten bucks each for a​ thousand-word review.

Of course if​ you​ are a​ prolific reviewer you​ can make money by reviewing products on​ the​ Internet and attaching affiliate product links to​ the​ format you​ are writing in. it​ is​ more profitable to​ simply open your own business rather than hire yourself out. Just make sure that you​ are writing a​ good review of​ whatever you​ are writing about especially if​ you​ are the​ SEO affiliate of​ the​ product.

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