SEO Making Money With SEO Content

How can knowing SEO techniques help you​ make money? There are many ways that a​ site that is​ fully optimized with SEO techniques can generate streams of​ income for you. For example,​ let’s say you​ want to​ build a​ site about “How to​ Search Engine Optimize Your Website.” This does not mean I have to​ directly sell SEO programs or​ offer to​ search engine optimize people’s web sites for them. Instead I could -

Become an​ affiliate by providing links on​ my site to​ sites that sell SEO programs,​ SEO services and ebooks about search engine optimizing.

• Create my own informational product about SEO and create my own affiliate sales links for it​ using commonly available programs

• Offer advertising to​ SEO gurus who might want to​ rent a​ page in​ my web space to​ sell their products

• Charge for an​ ebook that tells people everything they need to​ know about search engine optimization

• Charge for enrollment into a​ subscription to​ a​ newsletter that contains information about search engine optimization techniques

• Create an​ online community by adding blogs,​ chats,​ forums and bulletin boards about SEO to​ my site.

• Charge for membership in​ an​ exclusive online community that offers unique information about SEO

• Subscribe to​ pay per click search engine programs

Collect the​ email addresses and other data about people who log into my site looking for information about SEO and sell those addresses to​ companies that need the​ contacts.
Lead people to​ toll free number or​ live advice site such as​ Kasamba or​ Keen where you​ can charge by the​ minute for consulting on​ the​ topic of​ SEO.

Once your business is​ up and running you​ could also consider becoming a​ drop shipper which allows people to​ automatically order products off of​ your site that are delivered by a​ central distributor. in​ this scenario your well search engine optimized copy and blogs helps you​ to​ sell by proxy.
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