SEO Making The Best Use Of Keywords

Once you​ have selected the​ keywords that you​ want to​ use in​ your SEO there are ways that you​ can use them to​ intelligently increase the​ attractiveness of​ your copy to​ both readers and the​ search engines.

First of​ all it​ is​ key to​ use keywords and keyword phrases in​ all of​ your headlines and subtitles. However only do this if​ the​ keyword actually augments rather than distorts the​ title of​ your site. Your best bet is​ to​ try to​ keep the​ title a​ complete sentence well at​ the​ same time trying to​ capture the​ gist by using one or​ two well-chosen,​ high ranking keywords. When writing copy try using keywords in​ the​ first sentence,​ last sentence and at​ least once in​ each paragraph. This is​ a​ rule that many professional SEO copywriters follow in​ attempt to​ make their technical writing sound more like "natural language." Both humans and spiders dislike robotic language.

Don’t be afraid to​ bold,​ underline or​ italicize your keywords. They also stand out if​ they are used in​ bulleted links or​ if​ they are included in​ photo or​ image captions. This type of​ treatment can help highlight the​ words or​ phrases,​ not only to​ the​ reader,​ but also for the​ search engine.

Avoid using focused keyword phrases when a​ broad term is​ required. Not every generic phrase that you​ see is​ an​ open call to​ insert a​ keyword phrase. Also avoid using the​ same keyword phrase several times in​ a​ paragraph if​ you​ can. This is​ called keyword stuffing.

In conclusion the​ only sure way to​ test your keyword optimized search engine friendly copywriting is​ to​ post it​ online and then try searching for it​ in​ an​ engine. if​ type in​ the​ keyword phrase and it​ turns up,​ then you​ have done an​ excellent job as​ at​ SEO copywriting.
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