SEO Linking Strategies For Seo

SEO Linking Strategies For Seo

It can be difficult to​ generate unique content each and every day that you​ sit down to​ write your blog. This is​ where RSS feeds and news stories can provide a​ valuable source of​ inspiration. Many blogs simply are commentaries on​ what is​ going on​ in​ the​ news,​ rather than an​ attempt to​ announce the​ news. This is​ because you​ simply are not a​ news provider. When you​ provide news to​ your readers in​ this way it​ is​ called “filtered” writing.

The best way to​ take this reactive position as​ a​ blog writer is​ to​ always dynamically link your commentary to​ the​ source of​ the​ news story or​ the​ article. you​ can also link to​ others commenting on​ the​ same subject in​ other blogs. This gets your name and the​ name of​ your product out there and raises your search engine page rankings.

The reason you​ want to​ always link your ideas is​ two-fold. First of​ all the​ search engines rank you​ according to​ the​ number of​ links indexed on​ your site. the​ more pages it​ finds linked to​ yours,​ the​ higher your visibility will be in​ the​ web search pages. Second of​ all,​ showing your readers that you​ know how to​ research and give credit where it​ is​ due shows that you​ are a​ professional. it​ simply lends you​ an​ air of​ credibility that your readers can respect. This allows your readers to​ come away from the​ experience of​ reading your blog feeling like they know more than they did before they logged in​ to​ read your site. They should not feel like they just read what you​ have on​ there in​ the​ newspaper yesterday.

Whatever the​ theme of​ your blog,​ your readers will expect every entry to​ be timely,​ relevant,​ and accurately sourced. This is​ why you​ should check your links regularly to​ make sure that they are not broken.

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