SEO Link Building For Small Business

SEO Link Building For Small Business

1. Reciprocal links! Yes they still hold value as​ the​ SE’s are constantly and will continue to​ change their algorithms.

2. Place your links on​ directories,​ education sites (google love them),​ sites not relevant (small percentage),​ same business relevance sites and “exact same topic sites (as many as​ possible)

3. Vary the​ pr of​ sites where your link is​ placed.

4. Make sure you​ have both one way and reciprocal links,​ not just one or​ the​ other.

5. Keep you​ linking campaigns constant. Add roughly the​ same amount of​ links each month to​ keep the​ SE’s happy.

6. Linking is​ a​ slow laborious job unless you​ have many months/years of​ experience actually doing it…. therefore always outsource.

7. Do not use popular linking services,​ most are a​ rip off by a​ long mile.

8. if​ using sites like,​ do not pick the​ cheapest price! the​ whole point of​ outsourcing is​ so you​ don’t have to​ worry about quality and the​ job being done properly.

The main thing is​ finding someone that will do the​ job right,​ is​ reliable and will do it​ at​ a​ good price.

If they do a​ great job,​ look after them.

9. Stipulate down to​ the​ last letter what your linking campaign must and must not include.

I would have to​ say that the​ few linking campaigns I purchased were unsatisfactory. I then did a​ fair amount of​ research and asking around until I found a​ company I was very happy with.

My last campaign was…

“100″ reciprocal links,​ same business area,​ minimum pr of​ “2″…


* Nearly all sites in​ my business field
* Very few “link” type sites,​ mostly decent content sites
* 10% in​ the​ exact same business field
* Pr of​ pages where my link was placed…. pr 2 = 57,​ pr 3 = 37,​ pr 4 = 9… plus an​ extra 10 links.
* All links are permanent

Cost = US$400

So if​ your thinking about linking,​ I highly suggest you​ outsource!

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