SEO Link Building For Beginners

SEO Link Building For Beginners

Search Engine Optimization has two distinct area’s the​ first being On-page optimization and the​ second,​ off-page optimization. On-page optimization is​ what you​ can actually do to​ your website that will affect your ranking on​ the​ search engines. This includes changing your title tags,​ H1 Tags etc. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) like anything else adheres to​ the​ 80/20 rule,​ whereby on-page optimization accounts for 20% of​ search engine rankings.

The other 80% comes from link building,​ which is​ by far the​ hardest part when it​ comes to​ SEO. Link building is​ getting other sites to​ link back to​ your own website. Like everything else in​ the​ world,​ links have varying degrees of​ quality,​ you​ get really poor quality links which can actually harm your website or​ you​ can get excellent links which will help your rankings tremendously. Obviously,​ the​ best quality links are the​ hardest to​ obtain. For your information,​ the​ best kind of​ links to​ get,​ are links that come from Universities or​ Government websites. Search Engines love these links and if​ you​ do manage to​ get one your website will almost certainly help get your website on​ to​ the​ first page within a​ couple of​ months.

The worst types of​ links are backlinks that come from po​rn Sites,​ Pharma Sites or​ Gambling Sites.

I will list the​ ways in​ which a​ person can obtain links for their website.

1) Buy Links – the​ better the​ link,​ the​ more expensive they are.
2) Ask For Links – Either via Phone or​ Email.
3) Link Exchanges – Swap Links with other webmasters.
4) Register with Directories – Register your site with a​ number of​ directories.
5) Write Articles – Submit your articles to​ article directories like Ezine.
6) Write Press Releases – Submit to​ sites like PRweb.
7) Use Viral marketing techniques – Use sites like pay per post (link baiting).

I would suggest doing all of​ the​ above when you​ first start trying to​ do SEO on​ your own site. a​ good mix of​ links is​ always good,​ try not to​ buy too many “cheap & cheerful” links as​ these will not do your site much good.

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