SEO Leveraging Your Content On The Way To Google Heaven

SEO Leveraging Your Content On The Way To Google Heaven

The Search Engine Optimization Quality guidelines have a​ direct impact on​ how search engines rank your website in​ search results and your website’s page rank. While they are listed as​ “suggestions” wise people are advised to​ listen REAL CAREFULLY when Google talks search engine optimization guidelines. Failure to​ follow them may have their website from being removed from Google. Worse than death (at least you​ have a​ grave stone) banishment removes your site from Google' and partner sites. Here are search engine optimization techniques to​ stay friends with Google and sleep soundly at​ night… (while thousands of​ people visit your website)

Enhance Content

First of​ all,​ forget search engine ranking and website design and concentrate on​ website content. Create a​ enough web pages to​ give a​ sense of​ what visitors will experience on​ your site. Email pages to​ people for their comments and feedback on​ your subject. Soon you’ll have a​ sense of​ what you​ have to​ offer and how to​ design your website. With the​ emphasis on​ content useful information to​ people,​ website design is​ logical and quick.

Site Maps

How will people reach the​ pages on​ your website. a​ proven SEO approach is​ to​ provide a​ simple hierarchy and text links for your website along with a​ site map. if​ you​ don’t have one,​ Google offers an​ online site map generator. it​ seems like an​ obvious search engine positioning technique,​ but worth repeating – a​ visitor should be able to​ reach each page from a​ static text link. Your site map point to​ the​ right page and also boosts your search engine ranking – not a​ bad deal. For large site maps… over a​ hundred links,​ create smaller site maps.

Web Page Hierarchy
An important search engine marketing tool is​ the​ proper placement of​ titles on​ your web page – H1,​ H2,​ H3,​ and so forth. These title tags guide the​ search engine though you​ page and help it​ determine what to​ read first,​ second and so on. the​ main subject of​ the​ page should be identified with an​ H1 title tags and secondary subject with an​ H2 tag and so forth. the​ proper use of​ titles benefits both the​ reader and search engine optimization.

Meta Tag Mania – Search Engine Marketing

Do you​ just go nuts trying to​ write the​ perfect meta tags? Join the​ club! While what’s in​ the​ meta tags are important.. how should we say,​ “It’s what’s in​ the​ bun that counts! in​ other words,​ search engine positioning techniques such as​ meta tags are secondary to​ what’ written on​ the​ page. Create useful,​ useful,​ entertaining content and your meta tags will write themselves. Be sure that your pages have the​ words listed in​ the​ meta tags and display important names,​ content,​ or​ links in​ text not pictures. Got that? See you​ in​ Google Heaven!

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