SEO Learning How To Write Like Claude Hopkins

A discussion of​ the​ persuasive advertising copywriting techniques of​ advertising copywriter Claude Hopkins and how his techniques can benefit your SEO

If you​ want to​ write persuasive copy for your website (and there is​ no better form of​ natural SEO) then you​ might want to​ study the​ work of​ Claude Hopkins. Hopkins was famous for his careful considerate copy that outlined every aspect of​ a​ product's virtues. Rather than just creating an​ ad of​ about two or​ three lines he would create a​ small essay. in​ this Internet world where both people and search engine spiders prefer to​ read well-written articles you​ can certainly learn from following his examples.

Claude Hopkins writings have recently come into the​ public domain and there are all kinds of​ self styled Internet gurus on​ Clickbank and elsewhere selling compilations of​ his best work. Gurus that are selling his stuff include Yanik Silver,​ Roy Williams,​ Brian Tracy,​ Denny Hatch,​ Michael Masterson,​ Jay Abraham,​ David Ogilvy,​ Dan Kennedy,​ Gary Halbert,​ Ted Nicholas,​ Joe Sugarman,​ Jeff Paul,​ Joe Vitale,​ Micheal Senoff and Bill Bonner. Almost all of​ these gurus use the​ works of​ this prominent copywriter as​ the​ skeleton for a​ teaching course in​ basic advertising copywriting and then go on​ to​ explain how the​ techniques that he pioneered in​ advertising agencies applies to​ today’s virtual market. Michael Senoff has put together a​ collection of​ his rarer advertising examples that are excellent for newcomers to​ writing to​ study.

In these ad compilations you​ can find some of​ Claude Hopkins most famous ads including his ones for Schlitz Beer,​ Palmolive Soap,​ Quaker Oats,​ Pepsodent Toothpaste,​ Lord and Thomas,​ Van Camps Pork and Beans and Liquozone.

The main reason you​ want to​ read him is​ because he was the​ master of​ the​ short sentence which in​ a​ way is​ what writing for Google Ads,​ in​ and out of​ context titles,​ banner titles,​ site descriptions and photo captions that attract the​ search engines is​ all about.
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