SEO Keyword Popularity Versus True Integrity

Ethics is​ not a​ word you​ hear a​ lot when it​ comes to​ SEO affiliate marketing. People build entire businesses around just a​ few top keywords. the​ problem with building a​ business on​ keyword fads is​ that they often go stale. a​ word that might seem like a​ good keyword at​ the​ moment,​ it​ is​ probably not a​ good keyword two years from now.

Trends can make you​ a​ profit in​ the​ short term but you​ have to​ be fast. This means having the​ money to​ invest in​ unique writing copy (or the​ tons of​ time to​ write it​ yourself) and the​ capacity to​ pay money to​ sites to​ index your site quickly. you​ also need and the​ ability to​ keep your business ideas a​ secret. Many people have fantastic ideas as​ to​ what to​ market but usually someone else has beat them to​ it.

If you​ don’t have the​ financial savvy it​ takes to​ throw up sites quickly,​ the​ idea here is​ to​ choose a​ theme that appeals to​ many,​ yet is​ somehow specialized enough to​ make it​ unique. Then try and give people information that they will find valuable. the​ real truth is​ that some of​ the​ richest affiliate marketers became rich because they had some integrity and interest in​ their product. a​ good example is​ that 18 year old whiz kid who made a​ million selling skateboards by writing about what he knew best --skateboarding! He knew nothing technically about SEO but his knowledge of​ the​ lingo and passion for his product led millions of​ targeted customers directly to​ his site.

The bottom line --- if​ you​ don’t like something don’t sell it​ no matter how good the​ keywords are. the​ absolutely worst marketing copy is​ written by people who are clearly trying to​ sell something that they would never buy themselves.

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