SEO Keyword Flooding Is Bad Seo

SEO Keyword Flooding Is Bad Seo

Trying to​ cram as​ many keywords as​ you​ can into your home page is​ called keyword flooding. This includes the​ type of​ pages where there is​ a​ Title Tag loaded with scores of​ keywords. Using over twelve keywords per title tag is​ considered to​ be too much when it​ comes to​ keyword tags but some optimistic web masters will load them with as​ many as​ a​ 100 keywords in​ an​ attempt to​ increase sales.

The problem with cramming too many keywords on​ your home page is​ that they encompass a​ too big of​ a​ span theme wise for the​ search engine spiders to​ see your site as​ specific. Individually they can never get the​ keyword density or​ repetitions need to​ order the​ site highly. When it​ comes to​ SEO keep your keywords short,​ sweet yet targeted for best results. if​ you​ load it​ with popular,​ generic or​ “most visited” terms you​ are going to​ end up with a​ lot of​ visits from people on​ the​ internet who are not intent on​ buying a​ thing.

The solution to​ this is​ to​ focus the​ content on​ your home page on​ three to​ five of​ your top keywords or​ key phrases. For instance if​ you​ have a​ site about search engine optimization don’t use keywords like SEO or​ search engine optimization. you​ need to​ find sub keywords that are a​ little less general such as​ SEO home page techniques or​ SEO top keywords to​ get the​ attention of​ targeted visitors. as​ a​ rule of​ thumb the​ more competitive your site is​ the​ less keywords you​ should choose. Choose only two or​ three excellent words or​ phrases and use them three times in​ each block of​ text on​ your site to​ bring you​ the​ most business and try to​ keep your title copy to​ less than seven words (but ideally five words!)

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