SEO Is A High Page Ranking Overrated

A discussion of​ page ranking,​ it’s relationship to​ search engine optimization practices and whether or​ not it​ is​ overrated when it​ comes to​ making sales with a​ website.

One of​ the​ raging debates about search engine optimization in​ general is​ about whether or​ not you​ need a​ high page ranking or​ not. People will spend thousands just to​ get a​ high page ranking on​ Google,​ but in​ the​ end – does a​ high page ranking actually translate into high sales? Many expert SEO gurus say no because sometimes all it​ brings you​ grief in​ the​ form of​ lots of​ emails to​ answer and window shoppers and no sales! the​ bottom line is​ that the​ only kind of​ page ranking that matters is​ the​ one that brings you​ buying customers.

So how can you​ end up in​ the​ above described situation in​ the​ first place? Usually this happens when you​ end up subscribing to​ a​ link farming service or​ when you​ have manually indexed to​ too many low quality sites.

The only thing that truly matters is​ that when people type in​ certain keywords into a​ search engine box that they can find your information quickly and efficiently and that they find what you​ offer before they find what your competitor has to​ offer. This means making sure that you​ have quality keywords that are not stale tagged to​ your site and used in​ the​ copy of​ it​ text. it​ also means not settling for linking to​ just anybody who comes along no matter how complimentary your two sites might seem.

Yet another way to​ make it​ easy for people typing into search engine boxes to​ find you​ is​ to​ get your html correct. if​ you​ are using HTML make sure it​ is​ all correct as​ the​ spiders may simply avoid reading HTML that reads like gobbledly gook. Using a​ CSS style sheet to​ write your site and sticking to​ its guidelines is​ one way to​ accomplish this. Yet another way is​ to​ hire an​ SEO expert or​ an​ HTML expert to​ clean up your HTML language for you.

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