SEO Insider Tips To Creating SEO Keywords And Phrases

If you​ have been practicing search engine optimization you​ probably already know that it​ is​ a​ good idea to​ include quotes in​ your keywords and keywords phrases to​ make your web copy more attractive to​ the​ search engines. you​ probably also know that is​ a​ good idea to​ put things that your site specifically sells in​ quotes so that the​ search engine spiders see you​ as​ having exclusive or​ specialized content or​ information. However there are a​ few more tips that come along with creating SEO keywords and phrases that are less well known.

Many SEO experts advise practicing word stemming. This means that when you​ do find a​ keyword that works that you​ should not hesitate to​ use it​ in​ the​ words different forms. For example take the​ phrase “SEO optimization”. you​ might also want to​ use phrases such as​ SEO optimizing,​ SEO optimized and SEO optimizers which branch out linguistically from your original keyword.

Another big tip is​ to​ avoid using what are called kill terms. This is​ just a​ phrase for conjunctions and prepositions that are largely ignored by the​ search engines. Common kill terms include a,​ an​ and,​ at,​ by,​ for,​ in,​ it,​ of,​ the​ too,​ to,​ web and with.

Yet another tip is​ to​ be aware of​ case sensitive keywords. When in​ doubt you​ should always submit them in​ lower case. However when it​ comes to​ names and places you​ might also want to​ put things in​ their proper cases. For instance if​ you​ are searching for Frank Kern you​ will want to​ put in​ Frank Kern as​ well as​ frank kern. Some experts even advise putting in​ a​ keyword all in​ caps as​ in​ FRANK KERN as​ many individuals have stuck capital key caps when they search. the​ search engine that is​ thought to​ be most sensitive to​ case is​ Alta Vista.

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