SEO In 10 Easy Steps

SEO In 10 Easy Steps

SEO in​ 10 easy Tips
Having your site top-ranked for a​ hot keyword can effectively improve your traffic and therefore your profits as​ well. All you​ need to​ do is​ to​ optimise your content and create many links of​ different quality. But if​ you​ don't have any money to​ start off,​ its hard but it​ can be done.
You may also have the​ money it​ takes for reaching a​ top position,​ but are unsure if​ your money will be well spent or​ not. it​ may cost you​ a​ whole lot more than you​ thought in​ the​ beginning.
Wether you​ have the​ money or​ not,​ considering a​ self made budget SEO is​ a​ wise thing to​ do,​ because it's both free and educating. After a​ while,​ you​ will gradually improve your technique and you​ will become an​ SEO expert. Once you're there,​ you​ will be able to​ perform as​ good as​ a​ paid SEO but saving the​ money it​ takes to​ hire one.
Here's 10 free ways to​ improve your rankings
1. Directory submissions - the​ most effective way in​ getting lots of​ back links fast. Grab a​ good directory list and submit your link in​ every single directory. Make sure that you​ get a​ few new back links everyday to​ ensure long term success. the​ best way to​ do that is​ by viewing all new directory announcements in​ Digital Points forum Solicitations & Announcements section.
2. Article Submissions - Almost every single article directory on​ the​ web is​ free. Article directories are a​ good compliment to​ ordinary directories because it​ will bring you​ more diversity in​ your back link structure. Write a​ good article with more than 500 words and include a​ back link to​ your site and submit it​ to​ all major article directories. Hope fully,​ if​ your article is​ good,​ some webmaster will pick it​ and put it​ on​ their own sites,​ so you're not only getting back links from the​ article directories themselves,​ you​ are also getting free back links from real sites,​ which is​ very valuable in​ search engines like Google.
3. - a​ good source to​ collect incoming links. Do you​ have any content that is​ related to​ any wikipedia article? in​ that case,​ you​ can edit the​ wikipedia article and input your link on​ the​ link page. Make sure that the​ content you​ are linking meets up with the​ standard,​ otherwise,​ your link will be removed as​ fast as​ it​ came up.
4. Onpage SEO - Onpage optimisation was the​ most important SEO technique available before 2001. Today,​ it​ does not have the​ same decisive factor that it​ once had. it​ is​ however still very useful to​ do some basic onpage SEO. Make sure that your targeted keywords are included in​ the​ title,​ the​ headline and the​ footer. Make sure that you​ always provide some fresh content on​ the​ pages that you​ specifically want to​ optimise. Provide it​ at​ least with an​ RSS feed. But most important,​ make sure that the​ onpage SEO does not overshadow the​ content and make your site look less useful.
5. - Post a​ press release once you​ release your site. it​ will help you​ a​ little bit in​ the​ rankings,​ but most importantly,​ if​ your Press release is​ good,​ you​ will get some natural links generated by PRWebs users.
6. - Myspace has recently become one of​ the​ hottest sites on​ the​ internet. it​ has also became one of​ the​ most effective places to​ market your site. Just make a​ profile for your site there,​ then try to​ get as​ many friends as​ possible. Post links to​ your sites on​ other profiles,​ post bulletins of​ your site and if​ it's cool enough,​ you​ will get some natural back links in​ return.
7. Ask for back links - Send out nice original emails to​ other webmasters that have similar sites. Write some sentences about what you​ think of​ their site or​ anything related to​ the​ subject of​ their site. When you​ get the​ reply,​ answer them,​ tell them something more and then ask for a​ reciprocal or​ a​ one-way link.
8. Forums - Forums are not only a​ great place to​ discuss things but also a​ good resource for generating back links,​ feedback and traffic. Put a​ link in​ your signature. Make a​ post about your site or​ even better,​ make a​ post about something and then make a​ related link to​ your site. Note,​ go for inactive forums,​ they tend to​ give more weight than the​ active ones and your link will be displayed over a​ longer time.
9. Make sattelite sites - Put up a​ site with some content on​ e.g. and include a​ back link to​ your site somewhere,​ then submit the​ sattelite site to​ somewhere around 100 directories so it​ will be indexed in​ Google,​ and you​ got a​ high quality back link.
10. Also,​ SEO is​ an​ area where there are lots of​ paid alternatives that may help you​ in​ getting a​ good ranking. Some of​ these are paid article submission,​ paid onpage optimisation,​ paid directory submission paid link exchanges and paid links. if​ you​ are good on​ doing directory submissions but bad on​ onpage SEO,​ you​ can charge for making directory submissions for others and then hire someone to​ do onpage SEO for you.
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