SEO HTML For Titles Descriptions And Metatags

It is​ easy to​ master the​ simple HTML tags that are used in​ search engine optimized. Keywords and keyword phrases must occur often and near the​ beginning of​ the​ TITLE tag,​ the​ DESCRIPTION and KEYWORDS meta tag. the​ more frequent the​ keywords appear and the​ nearer they appear to​ the​ beginning of​ the​ tags and pages,​ the​ greater the​ chance of​ achieving high search engine positioning.

The three that are most important for page optimization are:

1. the​ TITLE tag

Example: Speedy SEO Services Company

This is​ the​ most important HTML tag on​ your web page. it​ should at​ the​ very least contain the​ name of​ your company unless your company name is​ really deceptive or​ general. For instance if​ you​ have decided to​ name your SEO business website “Cracking the​ Code” it​ may be a​ better idea to​ put a​ description rather than your business or​ a​ bunch of​ Da Vinci Code fans and conspiracy theorists could end up on​ your site. . it​ is​ more important than the​ content and it​ is​ more important than the​ description or​ keywords meta tags.

2. the​ DESCRIPTION meta tag


For best results make sure that your HTML metatag description is​ no more than 40 words and that it​ contains your most important keywords. Search engines will often use the​ contents of​ this tag to​ display results of​ a​ search. Also do not use a​ list of​ keywords as​ a​ description. Search engines will see this as​ an​ attempt to​ achieve a​ high ranking and will probably penalize you​ and your site may appear much lower on​ the​ list as​ a​ result.

3. the​ KEYWORDS meta tag


You should include the​ keywords meta tag in​ all pages you​ want indexed. Do not "spam4" the​ search engines by repeating keywords. Only use keywords that appear in​ the​ actual content of​ the​ page. if​ the​ search engines detect that you​ are trying to​ score a​ high ranking by using keywords that have nothing to​ do with the​ content of​ the​ page then you​ risk being penalized or​ blacklisted for good.

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