SEO How Trustrank Is Catching SEO Crooks

SEO How Trustrank Is Catching SEO Crooks

TrustRank is​ a​ link analysis technique that several search engines,​ including Google have been using for semi-automatically separating useful web pages from spam. This makes it​ a​ lot harder for black hat search engine techniques to​ succeed because the​ human element is​ involved when it​ comes to​ assessing web pages. TrustRank is​ particularly successful when it​ comes to​ weeding out web pages that are created clearly for commercial reasons with the​ absolute intention of​ misleading search engines and uses a​ combination of​ human assessment and automated techniques to​ selectively identify bad pages.

Many Web spam pages are created only with the​ intention of​ misleading search engines. These pages,​ chiefly created for commercial reasons,​ use various techniques to​ achieve higher-than-deserved rankings on​ the​ search engines' result pages. While human experts can easily identify spam,​ it​ is​ too expensive to​ evaluate manually a​ large number of​ pages. TrustRank is​ a​ hit and miss type of​ system that uses random sampling to​ try and keep crap off of​ the​ Internet. if​ you​ are practicing black hat SEO you​ need to​ watch out for TrustRank!

One popular method for improving rankings is​ to​ increase artificially the​ perceived importance of​ a​ document through complex linking schemes. Google's PageRank and similar methods for determining the​ relative importance of​ Web documents have been exhausted and corrupted by such manipulation. This makes it​ difficult for good practitioners of​ SEO as​ it​ forces the​ big search engines to​ constantly change their algorithms. the​ TrustRank method calls for selecting a​ small set of​ pages to​ be evaluated by one human expert. Once the​ credible pages are manually identified by a​ human,​ a​ spider is​ sent out to​ find credible pages that are similar. This helps prevent spam associated with the​ exploitation of​ certain keywords and niches and forces web masters to​ come by their page rankings in​ Google and Yahoo in​ an​ honest fashion.

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