SEO How To Think Like Your Customers To Find Key Words

You can use a​ thesaurus (either online or​ offline) to​ come up with keywords for your search optimization efforts or​ you​ can think like your customers. Your first step to​ thinking like your customers is​ to​ write out a​ short description of​ your business for your own use. Come up with a​ two-line description and then a​ way of​ describing it​ in​ less than five words. These are phrases that will come in​ handy for you​ later no whether you​ are using Adsense,​ submitting descriptions of​ article directories or​ entering descriptive phrases into URL submission programs. a​ good web based thesaurus is​ Roget’s Internet Thesaurus.

When writing the​ two descriptions of​ your business as​ described above be sure to​ include a​ concise description of​ what exactly it​ is​ you​ do. Think of​ exactly what it​ is​ that makes your business unique or​ different in​ its objectives than your competition and include those words and phrases. Then expand that list to​ include one to​ five word descriptions of​ everything that you​ do or​ sell on​ your website. This is​ an​ incredibly effective way to​ create keyword combinations that can drive targeted traffic (meaning traffic that is​ looking to​ buy,​ not just window shop).

Another tip is​ put quotes around the​ keywords that you​ find. This is​ because putting quotes around the​ term tells the​ search engine that you​ are interested in​ that exact term. This is​ good because many search engines are searching for content that seems specific. it​ is​ a​ linguistic way of​ telling the​ search engines that your information,​ product or​ service is​ about exclusivity.

You should also not neglect to​ use misspelled keywords in​ some of​ your phrases. For instance if​ you​ are selling jewelry,​ common misspellings are jewellery,​ jewlry and others. Throwing a​ few spelling mistakes into the​ mix can definitely help direct people to​ your web pages as​ well. if​ you​ are a​ good actor,​ then you​ will have no problem coming up with winning keywords for your site. Simply come up with the​ lowest common denominator by including words that are commonly used and you​ will see visits to​ your web pages climb in​ numbers exponentially!

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