SEO How To Optimize Your Site Navigation

SEO How To Optimize Your Site Navigation

Discussions of​ the​ techniques that can be used to​ search engine optimize your site navigation so you​ can make more money from programs like Google Adsense.

Sometimes you​ have optimized your website with high-paying keywords (for a​ program like Google Adsense) but you​ can’t seem to​ get any one to​ visit them. What is​ the​ problem? When nobody seems to​ be visiting your site it’s big bad news as​ it​ means that you​ will not be making any money from your pay-per-click programs. Optimizing your site navigation is​ all about enabling visitors to​ move about your site. the​ more your web site visitors have the​ opportunity to​ click on​ something that interests them on​ your site the​ more of​ a​ chance you​ have of​ making money off of​ them.

The best way to​ increase your earnings is​ to​ somehow get your readers off of​ your lower earning pages and onto your higher earning pages. Writing persuasive ad copy and providing a​ link on​ each of​ your website pages to​ your highest earning page is​ a​ sure way to​ get them to​ move to​ where you​ want them to​ go so you​ can make some Google Adsense earnings. Copy that convinces people to​ click on​ these links include words such as​ “free” or​ “limited time offer.” Studies have also shown that people respond to​ the​ words “free download.”

Perhaps the​ hardest part of​ this is​ to​ come up with a​ phrase that makes them want to​ click on​ your website. This involves using your ingenuity. it​ is​ also not necessarily one of​ the​ most intellectual of​ exercises. One of​ the​ most successful catch phrases used to​ get people to​ click on​ the​ Internet was the​ Fart Button. the​ caption was “Click to​ hear this fart. you​ know you​ want to.” if​ something like that works to​ get a​ website droves of​ business then you​ might have a​ better chance of​ finding a​ buzz phrase that makes you​ click by consulting your twelve year old kid rather than a​ professional advertising copywriter.

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