SEO How To Get Into The Yahoo Directory

It costs $300 a​ year for directory listing in​ Yahoo. Here is​ another eye-roller for you. it​ typically takes six to​ eight weeks for Yahoo to​ process your site.

There are three types of​ Yahoo; the​ main (original) Yahoo; the​ international Yahoo sites; and the​ regional (city) Yahoo sites. the​ original site is​ by far the​ toughest to​ get into,​ so if​ your site is​ in,​ or​ relates to,​ a​ country or​ region served by one of​ the​ other Yahoo indexes,​ you​ should first try to​ get listed in​ them first. Once you​ are accepted by one Yahoo index usually it​ is​ contagious,​ and you​ eventually end up getting into them all.

Whatever you​ do don't try to​ sneak multiple listing into Yahoo. Don't try to​ make a​ free application into a​ paid category. if​ they catch you,​ Yahoo will ban you​ for life!

If you​ wish a​ listing in​ the​ Shopping & Services or​ Business to​ Business sections (either main or​ regional) of​ Yahoo,​ you​ now must use Yahoo's "Business Express" submission option. you​ pay $299 ($600 for adult sites) and get a​ quick yes or​ no to​ your application. Once you​ are accepted keep in​ mind that you​ have to​ come up with the​ same amount of​ money every year to​ remain in​ the​ directory. Also to​ make this more crazy-making,​ paying money does not guarantee a​ listing! That is​ why it​ is​ so important that you​ craft a​ good submission. Also,​ don't even think about submitting to​ cranky old Yahoo if​ your site is​ not 100% up and running. That "under construction."

Note that you​ can still submit non-commercial sites to​ Yahoo for free as​ long as​ you​ don't submit them to​ the​ Business to​ their Business or​ Shopping & Services sections of​ Yahoo!

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