SEO How To Get Into About Com

SEO How To Get Into About Com

About(dot)com is​ a​ very comprehensive index that combines site listings with reviews and editorial content. an​ editor or​ guide runs each category,​ and they are the​ individuals that you​ have to​ appeal to​ in​ order for your site to​ be listed. the​ easiest way to​ get their attention is​ a​ direct email,​ as​ opposed to​ using the​ "Feedback" link on​ the​ pages. Usually it​ takes ages for to​ get back to​ you​ as​ they are looking for bigger sites or​ sites that are very specific to​ what the​ articles on​ their site are about. One way to​ get their attention is​ to​ give them a​ link that leads them to​ your offer as​ an​ affiliate program. This is​ because most of​ the​ articles on​ there are accompanied by index after index of​ affiliate sites.

Your best plan of​ attack to​ getting listed in​ About (dot)com is​ to:

1. Pick an​ "about" category that suits your site.

2. Submit an​ article that you​ have written on​ one of​ your domain pages.

3. Offer a​ link back. Put a​ link to​ their site even before contacting them and said,​ "I find your site such a​ great resource that I've listed you​ in​ our links page.

The guides at​ are also looking for what they call deep links. This may not necessarily be your homepage,​ but rather an​ article that you​ have written from an​ "expert" point of​ view. These articles are used to​ search engine optimize’s site. Once your article is​ added it​ is​ reciprocated to​ the​ site,​ which is​ a​ monster site in​ the​ eyes of​ the​ search engines. Even getting just one article published on​ can boost your search engine rankings substantially. This works because as​ you​ will recall,​ exchanging links with a​ site that is​ much bigger than you​ is​ a​ crucial strategic tactic when it​ comes to​ following the​ principles of​ excellent search engine optimization.

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