SEO How To Find Keywords Using Research

SEO How To Find Keywords Using Research

Keyword inventory tools such as​ the​ free ones at​ Google and on​ Overture or​ the​ paid ones such as​ Wordtracker are not the​ only sources of​ inspiration for your SEO content. Two great places to​ find keywords are in​ your web logs and email.

One of​ the​ best source of​ article topics that are naturally search engine optimized are reflected in​ the​ phrases that your customer use when they ask questions about you​ as​ an​ expert or​ about your products or​ services? What sort of​ posts do they leave on​ your blog or​ chat forum? Examining this material may give you​ more targeted keywords and key phrases then a​ SEO keyword tool ever might!

Also the​ great thing of​ finding these search engine friendly key phrases on​ your site already means that you​ don't have to​ rewrite content to​ suit the​ search engines. There is​ no harm in​ giving this novel approach to​ finding keywords for your pay per click advertisements and other forms of​ online promotion.

Another way to​ find keyword search phrases for you​ site would be to​ do some very specific targeted research by sending out a​ questionnaire to​ the​ people your customer mailing list to​ see what they would like to​ see in​ terms of​ content or​ information on​ your web site. you​ can then take their response and wrap them into keyword phrases. Chances are there are many potential customers out there phrasing their searches in​ the​ same way as​ the​ respondents to​ your market research. if​ your customers are the​ lethargic type you​ might have to​ offer some kind of​ prize to​ get their attention so they will fill out the​ questionnaire.

Once you​ find the​ targeted keywords by searching through all of​ the​ material on​ your website and in​ your email that could qualify as​ customer generated market research you​ are all set!

SEO How To Find Keywords Using Research

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