SEO How To Choose A Writer On Elance Or Guru

SEO How To Choose A Writer On Elance Or Guru

When most people shop for cheap SEO writing they tend to​ look on​ Elance or​ Guru. When looking at​ writer's profiles on​ either elance or​ guru,​ it​ is​ a​ good idea to​ ignore feedback. This is​ because the​ feedback systems on​ both are slanted. Unfortunately both guru and elance have their own freelance firms that compete with the​ writers that pay to​ advertise on​ them so it​ is​ not in​ these site’s interest to​ give their writers great feedback. This way the​ in​ house outsourcers hired by these sites get all of​ the​ best business.

Also Guru and Elance slant their feedback systems so that a​ client can leave feedback even if​ there has been no contract has been signed or​ a​ single word has been written. Even an​ excellent writer's rating can be adversely affected by feedback left by a​ client that has not assigned or​ paid a​ cent to​ the​ writer which is​ grossly unfair and no reflection at​ all of​ the​ writer’s services.

You get a​ much better of​ what a​ writer can do by looking at​ their portfolio and by communicating with them directly. you​ can also tell a​ lot about the​ writer by the​ way their profile is​ written. Keep in​ mind too that a​ profile that is​ riddled with spelling and grammar mistakes may simply be search engine optimized so that people can find them and may not be an​ indication that the​ writer can’t write.

Like all online market places,​ elance and guru both have their share of​ bad apples so keep your expectations realistic. Also realize that writers on​ these auction sites are working for less than one tenth of​ their normal fees so you​ can’t push them around like a​ corporate CEO at​ a​ real agency would. Usually prompt payment is​ what convinces these writers to​ do a​ good job for you​ as​ financial hardship is​ why they are on​ the​ site in​ the​ first place.

SEO How To Choose A Writer On Elance Or Guru

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