SEO How To Apply To The Open Directory Project

SEO How To Apply To The Open Directory Project

They say once that you​ are listed in​ the​ Open Directory Project you​ will be listed everywhere else,​ it​ is​ also know as​ DMOZ. This is​ because the​ open directory project is​ handled by humans who hand pick the​ sites that are listed. Google respects this and often automatically adds the​ URL of​ a​ link that is​ picked to​ go into the​ Open Directory Project to​ its pages.

Open Directory is​ different than yahoo as​ it​ only performs WORD searches not KEY PHRASE searches. So much for your sophisticated keyword embedding techniques. So your description for OP should avoid pluralized words unless they are likely to​ be in​ search queries. on​ the​ plus side,​ Open Directory allows you​ longer descriptions than on​ Yahoo,​ but the​ category editor (who is​ very human in​ this case) may edit you​ down.

To apply go to​ the​ directory. Type a​ simple query that is​ likely to​ be used by someone searching for the​ contents of​ the​ page you​ are submitting. For example,​ if​ your site is​ lab diamonds try searches like "cheap lab diamonds" or​ "quality man made diamonds."

When the​ search results come back,​ the​ results will contain a​ small "category" subheading.

- After you've viewed the​ results of​ several searches and likely categories,​ click on​ the​ single category that you​ feel is​ most appropriate for your site. This link will take you​ to​ the​ category page.

- at​ the​ bottom of​ the​ category page,​ click on​ "Submit a​ Site". This will bring up the​ Open Directory submission form.

- Submit your site. All the​ usual techniques are appropriate. Make a​ note of​ the​ category you​ submitted to.

The "official" waiting period for Open Directory is​ 3-6 weeks. if​ you​ don't get listed within a​ reasonable amount of​ time a​ polite email to​ your category editor might speed the​ process along.

SEO How To Apply To The Open Directory Project

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