SEO How Cloaking Sabotages SEO

One of​ the​ biggest newbie mistakes made by people first trying out search engine optimization on​ their websites is​ to​ try and cloak it. Most people don’t even realize that they are practicing cloaking when they do it​ and even perceive it​ as​ a​ legitimate form of​ SEO but the​ problem is​ that the​ big search engines will penalize and blacklist your site for doing it.

In a​ nutshell,​ cloaking is​ the​ practice of​ using keywords and metatags to​ show a​ search engine spider a​ different page then what your human visitor to​ your site is​ going to​ see. the​ purpose of​ doing this is​ to​ drive visitors to​ a​ site. an​ example would be a​ psychic site that uses the​ name of​ famous psychics such Sylvia Browne or​ John Edwards to​ promote its services even though they sell no books or​ services by those famous psychics who have high keyword popularity. Some high-ranking pages are cloaked simply to​ prevent others from stealing the​ underlying code but this is​ no longer such a​ problem as​ it​ is​ not just keyword content or​ metatags that the​ search engine algorithms look at​ nowadays when they go to​ index a​ site.

Using search terms in​ this phony way can put your site immediately at​ risk of​ being removed promptly from the​ Internet by a​ search engine. Search engines are becoming increasingly cognizant of​ the​ techniques used to​ try to​ fool them,​ and they are also becoming better at​ detecting and removing pages that violate their terms of​ service. This is​ why it​ is​ also important to​ be careful of​ any kind of​ SEO service in​ case it​ is​ using a​ process such as​ “cloaking” to​ boost your site in​ the​ page rankings. Underhanded tactics such as​ cloaking only work until the​ search engines catch you.

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