SEO How Bad Links Can Risk Your Rankings

SEO How Bad Links Can Risk Your Rankings

Having too many bad links on​ your site can not only lower your site’s importance in​ the​ page rankings of​ search engines it​ can also encourage some search engines like Lycos,​ Yahoo and Google to​ permanently remove your site from their search engine ranking pages.

Normally the​ more links you​ have on​ your web page,​ the​ more Google and other search engines will love you​ and try to​ boost your search engine rankings. Part of​ most search engine algorithms has been to​ raise the​ ranking of​ a​ site that has a​ great deal of​ link popularity. This is​ why it​ is​ always essential to​ monitor the​ people who are linking to​ you. if​ their links are broken they will be damaging your site. Google,​ the​ grand master of​ this ranking methodology,​ often penalizes sites that provide links to​ links that serve no purpose or​ that is​ broken. This leads to​ a​ potentially very dangerous situation because you​ have no real control over what sites choose to​ link to​ yours unless your website is​ a​ blog in​ which case you​ can banish links from being attached to​ your site.
The drag is​ that the​ more popular your site is​ the​ more links you​ are going to​ have and the​ more time you​ are going to​ be spending checking to​ make sure that the​ links are operative.

There is​ a​ quick way to​ see if​ sites that are linked to​ your site are active. on​ Google download the​ Google toolbar and do a​ search on​ the​ site. if​ the​ site’s link is​ broken it​ will not be green in​ color on​ a​ sliding green scale that is​ pictured on​ the​ toolbar. if​ they are gray get rid of​ them,​ as​ these sites are just dead weight in​ terms of​ links and probably already affecting your searchability on​ the​ Internet.

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