SEO Googles Sandbox Is A Myth

SEO Googles Sandbox Is A Myth

The “Google Sandbox” argument has been around for a​ very long time; it​ is​ much loved and loathed by many people trying to​ do Search Engine Optimisation.

The truth of​ the​ matter is​ Google’s Sandbox does not exist.

People doing SEO who refer back to​ the​ “sandbox” as​ a​ reason for websites not performing as​ they should are either naive or​ are dishonest.

I have recently tested the​ alleged “sandbox” theory on​ a​ number of​ sites and at​ every hurdle the​ sandbox theory failed.

In one particular test I registered a​ car insurance domain and slapped up a​ bunch of​ content. Now,​ anyone who has been in​ SEO circles for any amount of​ time will tell you​ that car insurance is​ a​ highly competitive industry and Google would have most certainly “sandboxed” the​ site.

However,​ four months later,​ the​ site is​ on​ the​ first page of​ Google’s search results for a​ highly competitive search term.

The site is​ also moving very quickly on​ an​ ultra competitive search term that should appear on​ the​ first page within a​ month or​ two.

Search Engine Optimisers who believe in​ the​ sandbox theory all too often blame their own poor performance for why the​ website is​ not ranking highly on​ Google.

Getting a​ site’s on-page optimisation right as​ well as​ building a​ sufficient quantity of​ relevant backlinks will get any site to​ rank well.

Google’s search algorithm can detect if​ a​ site has been selling links,​ this obviously will nullify the​ effect of​ the​ link.

Therefore,​ if​ you​ buy a​ whole lot of​ links,​ there is​ a​ chance that the​ majority of​ the​ links will not be passing page rank to​ your site and the​ links will probably be wasted.

Google’s also algorithm detects a​ number of​ other techniques that search engine spammers use to​ manipulate the​ results.

If you​ want to​ create a​ website that performs well in​ Google’s search engine results,​ create a​ site with lots of​ quality content and get relevant sites with a​ high page rank to​ back link to​ your site. It’s that easy.

SEO Googles Sandbox Is A Myth

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