SEO Getting Websites Indexed And Keeping Them Indexed

Many web publishers,​ both new and seasoned alike,​ are in​ the​ dark about getting their sites indexed in​ the​ search engines and keeping them there. While in​ the​ past webmasters were able to​ throw up sites with no real value and manipulate the​ system to​ get them ranked,​ today's landscape is​ vastly different.

The same "tricks" that previously worked will now get you​ banned faster than you​ can say "banned". But,​ now even trying to​ work within the​ misty guidelines set out by the​ search engines themselves can also leave you​ penalized and scratching your head. Over-optimization can cause your site to​ drop in​ the​ rankings and even disappear altogether. Look no further than Google's "sandbox" for proof of​ a​ deliberate effort to​ punish publishers for trying to​ make an​ end run around them with SEO work.

Incoming links were long considered a​ measure of​ a​ site's popularity,​ and the​ search engines regarded them as​ such as​ well. But,​ as​ publishers with dubious intentions began instituting links pages with the​ sole purpose of​ raising their site's popularity and ranking,​ these same links can now have a​ negative impact. Reciprocal links MUST have relevant sources. if​ your site is​ one that deals with pizza,​ links from gambling sites will only hurt you.

Some of​ those nefarious aforementioned "tricks" that are NOT preferred and mostly likely will get you​ banned:

Cloaking - Showing a​ version of​ a​ web page to​ users,​ and a​ different one to​ search engines with the​ intention of​ getting ranked.

Hidden Text - Repeating keywords to​ improve ranking in​ the​ search engines,​ and having those keywords be the​ same color as​ the​ background.

Duplicate Content - Creating multiple pages with the​ same content to​ draw in​ more visitors.

Doorway Pages - Pages not created for visitors but for search engines.

Redirects - Getting a​ web page listed under a​ search query that is​ not relevant,​ by redirect.

The SEO Golden Rule of​ one search engine: "If you​ attempt to​ get a​ web page ranked ... for a​ search query that is​ not related to​ the​ topic of​ the​ web page then you​ run a​ high risk of​ having that page banned."

The one lesson in​ all of​ this is​ to​ stop relying on​ tactics and tricks. Return to​ the​ days of​ informative well-written content. Your site is​ there to​ provide some service,​ remember that and focus on​ it. as​ far as​ we are concerned,​ the​ one Golden Rule should be this: "Keep Users in​ Mind."

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