SEO Free Downloads Equals Organic SEO

SEO Free Downloads Equals Organic SEO

A discussion about how offering free downloads on​ your site can help enhance organic SEO by encouraging users of​ the​ downloads to​ leave feedback on​ your site.

One of​ the​ easiest ways to​ create copious amounts of​ organic SEO is​ to​ offer free downloads. This is​ because you​ can encourage your users to​ leave feedback on​ your site about the​ downloads. the​ more feedback they leave,​ the​ more optimized your site will be.

One of​ the​ reasons you​ should offer free downloads on​ your site is​ because so many individuals surf the​ Net in​ order to​ find a​ niche information. a​ free download also provides the​ kind of​ instant gratification that can make the​ difference between your visitor lingering for a​ while or​ clicking to​ their next web destination.

Examples of​ the​ kinds of​ free downloads that you​ can offer on​ a​ website are:

• Music Downloads
• Interviews
• Audio Clips
• Animated Cartoons
• Flash Cartoons
• E-books
• Ecards

Downloads like this are usually viral in​ nature,​ meaning that they contain your personal signature and a​ link to​ your web address once they go out to​ a​ customer. the​ idea is​ that the​ person who downloads your perk for free will also pass it​ along to​ other individuals. Once the​ original customer has passed this along to​ their friends,​ it​ may encourage them to​ return to​ your site to​ see what else is​ for free or​ what they can get for cheap. This is​ why it​ is​ so important to​ make sure that your downloads,​ especially ebooks,​ consist of​ quality content. if​ your site is​ full of​ crap,​ people will be less than willing to​ "spread the​ magic."

Also make sure that your downloads deliver what they promise. For instance if​ you​ are promising an​ interactive Feng Shui tool and all they get is​ a​ calculator for what year they are born then you​ are likely to​ develop a​ reputation as​ a​ trickster. Your goal as​ a​ marketing genius is​ to​ prevent them from expressing contempt by recycling your material into their computer trash cans. They must feel compelled instead to​ recycle it​ amongst interested parties who might become potential customers!

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